Warning: This is the legacy nature observation system (2005–2012) from NZBRN. It has been replaced by the shiny new NatureWatch NZ, complete with photo uploads, ID please, comments, projects, and all manner of other good things:

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Our legacy NZBRN will remain available and functional for a limited time while we complete the migration of data and features to NatureWatch NZ. All observations you enter here will eventually end up in NatureWatch NZ so you can keep using it if you like. However, we strongly recommend that you try out NatureWatch NZ and switch to it unless you need one of the last few pro-features in our legacy system not yet replicated in NatureWatch NZ (and we're coding away at that right now).


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New Zealand Biodiversity Recording Network

The legacy online nature recording system from the NZBRN charitable trust

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Instructions on using NZBRN (500k pdf file)

Protocols for use of NZBRN data


  • Record your observations for birds, plants, fungi, frogs, geckos, skink, butterflies, insects and mammals
  • A web-based system to view, record and process your natural history observations
  • Sponsored by Terrestrial & Freshwater Biodiversity Information System Fund (TFBIS).
  • Adapted for New Zealand from the highly successful, prize-winning Swedish Artportalen (species gateway) system.
  • Artportalen receives over 5000 bird records a day, and several hundred records of other organisms per day.
  • Create distribution maps, graphs, and species lists.
  • Fill gaps in our knowledge of native species ecology and the spread of pests.
  • Provide secure storage for data outside institutional plot-based databases.
  • Facilitate neighbourhood or school nature watch projects.
  • Validation and privacy options.
  • Raise awareness of our natural history among the general public and school children.
  • Operated by an independent stakeholder steering committee with connection to NZ node of GBIF.

Any comments or questions, please contact us.